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                 Rock Solid Talent Entertainment



Record Label, Management, Development, Promotion, Recording, Production, Distribution, Music Publishing, Arrange Collaboration, Brand Endorsements, Press releases, Radio & Magazine interviews Internationally.  


Genres: Rock, Metal, Grunge, Punk, Pop, R&B, Blues, Country, Rap. EDM.

Rock Solid Talent Entertainment is a fast-growing entertainment company specializing in Management, Development, Promotion, Marketing, Recording, Production, Music Publishing, Collaborations, Brand Endorsements, Distribution & representing musical Artists, Bands internationally.

Distributor: Sony Music

Distribution Partners:

Rock Solid Talent Entertainment/AMG/Sony






 Distribution Partners- 




             Big Chris Flores
Music Producer , Record Mixer at The Rehab Studio.

Solid Guy and Good Company to be working with .


        Barry  Bennedetta 
  Gold and Multi Platinum                   Lead Guitarist       

I would highly recommend Rock Solid Talent Entertainment! They are the label that really made things happen for me and my career.
I am the manager of KatieB who is an up and coming young singer/songwriter. We connected with Phil in 2018 through an Artist Development Programme. He is an incredibly skilled, professional, talented CEO/Founder of the British Record Label Rock Solid Talent Entertainment which is one of the most powerful and dynamic companies I have ever come across. Phil has an extensive knowledge of the Music Business and has been an absolute godsend to myself the past few years helping us navigate our way through the ups and downs of the music business. He has given KatieB some amazing opportunities including the opportunity to work with the amazing Big Chris Flores, an LA producer .. We are so proud to be part of the Rock Solid Talent Entertainment Family and I would highly recommend this label to any artist whom is looking to work hard and show dedication
         Stephine Ricker

Event Planner
Enhancing Others 
International Bestseller 
Guinness World Record

Phil Taylor is passionate and considerate of others no matter their background or history. When you decide to work with his company, you are joining a family relationship. Understanding the partnership of business when it comes to entrainment is a crucial skill. When your clients are having more fun, they are more willing to open their willingness to build lasting relationships with your company. So reach out to Phil today because you will be making the right move to reach your business's maximum potential to a level that will put you over the top!
                 Mark Rosner
Rosner Management Services
I am pleased to say that the team at Rock Solid Talent Entertainment have been crucial to many projects and I highly recommend working with them!Thank you so much for all you do!

                   John Reign

       C.E.O. Polestar Studios

And Owner of Crankit-Up Magazine

I have known Phil for upwards of 5 years. I personally have showcased his incredible talent on quite a few occasions in my magazine. I have always found him willing to go that extra mile. He certainly is very experienced and knowledgeable of the entertainment industry. I fully endorse him in all his endeavors.

                   Diana Yampolsky

                         Creator of 

Vocal Science Method and Technique

The Royans Professional Vocal School and The Royans Institute For Non-Surgical Voice Repair is proud to announce that we are now affiliated with Rock Solid Talent
"Entertainment" - A fast growing entertainment company specializing in managing, promoting and representing musical artists and bands internationally.
     Jeanice Chandler
Author, Novelist, Writer
Phil Taylor has been a friend and a mentor for over two years. As an author, business has not been my strong point. Phil has provided feedback and guidance as I needed it. He generously created a forum for writers in our Author's & Writer's Collaboration Group and added the RSTE label to it. It has been a joy and and honor to be included in the RSTE family. Thank you Phil.


Singer/Songwriter/ Musician

I am a signed artist with R.S.T.E. Ever since being signed with Rock Solid Talent Entertainment, it has brought me nothing but positive things and more good positive things to come ahead by good management. I recommend working with this label.

           Dee James 

                 Global           Songwriters Network

A&R Manager UK (South) AMG, UMG/BMG/SONY

I have Known Phil Taylor for several years and If you are in need of a brilliant dedicated manager he is your guy, currently managing/developing 'Kenze' my company has recently gone into partnership with R.S.T.E and I couldn't be happier to work with such a fast moving company and a hard-working team. I highly recommend Phil In any and all his projects and endeavors and I am glad to be a part of the future of 'global songwriters network' working alongside Phil R.S.T.E
                      Rob Taylor 
                 Artist Relations
          Director Music Industry
I’ve known Phil for several years now, he’s always been upbeat, professional and his vast business knowledge has made him successful in the music trade and respected among his colleagues.
Phil is very experienced all round in the music industry and a pleasure to call a true friend, His knowledge of the entertainment industry is second to none and his attention to detail is massive credit to Phil's outlook and work ethic in his profession. I highly recommend Phil in any music field he chooses to works in ...He always delivers 100% dedication
Teresa Hart AKA SpaceGirl
I am extremely happy with the way “Rock Solid Talent Entertainment” has managed me. Phil Taylor has not just been the head of the record label but also a personal mentor and a life coach. His suggestions have helped me immeasurably in finding my direction and moving forward with my music career. I highly recommend RSTE to any and all artists looking to open doors for themselves. This is a kind and fair record label in a business full of wolves and sharks.
Paradox Joined forces with Rock Solid Talent Entertainment in 2014. The band has gone from strength to strength. Paradox were one of the first bands to regularly broadcast live on Facebook. These shows regularly attract viewing figures of over 10k. As a result of these live shows and the network provided by Rock Solid Talent Entertainment Paradox has won endorsements and associated endorsements with Marshall, Natal Drums, Saluda
Cymbals and Sandberg Guitars. These shows have also given Paradox access to a worldwide audience, with fans regularly interacting/ following the band from USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia. The network that Rock Solid Talent Entertainment has provided Paradox a platform for their music videos - currently 'Leave The Light On' has had over 48k views. Paradox working with Rock Solid Talent Entertainment are currently in the process of arranging a UK tour that will incorporate support shows with big name industry artists. Watch this space.

           Riki Buckingham

           Musician/Spiritual                            Healer/Coach

Phil works closely with musician's and those in the record industry with a play fair attitude, he will look after you if things get tough, he truly loves his job and I think thats what matters most, there can be a lack of authenticity in the music business and Phil operates with maturity and integrity. he wont let you down! The label has been going some years now through dedication and Rock Solid work Phil has worked in the field long enough to know your legal rights, to help you get gigs and play at festivals. The record label has a few core artists now and It will only grow, I am happy to have been a part of all this. very much recommended!

As the Director of European Operations for AMG/SONY. I have been considering London, UK based label, 'Rock Solid Talent Entertainment' and their CEO Phil Taylor, and monitoring their  growth and professionalism in the support they offer to all of their artists and bands. I approached Phil Taylor as I felt his label would be a perfect fit for AMG/SONY, I am proud to announce they are now onboard as Rock Solid Talent Entertainment /AMG/Sony distribution partners. We warmly welcome you to our team. personal regards, Duggie Kyle VP Director of European Operations AMG Corp, Toronto, Canada,
(Universal Music Group/BMG/Sony)
                      BACKGROUND VIDEO AND SONG
 "MISS BANG BANG - "Punch Drunk Lover" ft. SLASH"
        Courtesy  of our affiliate at The Rehab Studio 

Manager-Phil Taylor (MISS BANG BANG)

Producer- BigChris Flores

Studio- The Rehab Studio

Music Credits: Written By- BigChris Flores, Elda Gonzales & Saul Hudson

Directed by- Troy Duffy 

Video produced by- The Rehab Studio & Deidre Murphy

Record label- Rock Solid Talent Entertainment

Distributed by- RSTE/AMG/SONY





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