The Z U G U Project | Ending The Stigma


Seeking Sponsors for The ZUGU Project; When completed this project will be a traveling exhibit of Music, Artwork and Poetry from artists all over the globe who suffer from Mental Illness.


The Exhibit will be donated to local communities and used as a fundraising tool to assist, update and expand local Mental Health Facilities and Services.


We already have an All-Star musical line up including 4 Grammy Winners; Scott Foster Harris, Yoad Nevo, Philip Clemo, Robert L. Smith, Ruben Wijga, Leonardo Cincinelli, Paul Kempf, Katarina Rose, Mark Prentice, Matt Prentice, Cory Clark and many more!


This is a non- profit project that's looking to partner with other like minded Sponsors/Artists willing to Reach Into Those Unable To Reach Out. To help save lives, raise awareness and End the Stigma.


The reward? Changing the World and making it a better place for Us All. If you're interested in joining or assisting The ZUGU Project, through music, art, word or by providing resources or financial backing....If you have a story to tell, let us help you tell it and change lives in the process.

Please send all inquiries to albanese8642@yahoo.com

or leave a message for me on LinkedIn: 




Thank you! Let's Do This!

Anthony Albanese: Founder


                                        The | Z U G U | Project


Back ground sound track-  Through The Storm | ZUGU CUT | ft. Scott Foster Harris by ZUGU.